How To Lend Money On Interest Online In 5 Min.

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Do you have some extra money that you want to use and make more money? Do you want to lend money on Interest online without using banks or other people? If yes, you might like peer-to-peer (P2P) lending.

P2P lending is a way of lending money on interest online where people or businesses can borrow and lend money to each other, without using banks or other people. P2P lending websites help borrowers and lenders find each other and agree on the loan. Lenders can make more money on their loans, while borrowers can get money fast and easy.

But how do you Lend Money On Interest Online and make money safely and well? What are the good and bad things about P2P lending? How do you choose the best website and loan for you? In this article, I will tell you these things and more, based on what I know and what I have done as a P2P lender.

The Problems of Normal Lending

If you want to Lend Money On Interest Online and make money, you might think of putting your money in a bank account, buying bonds or stocks, or lending money to your friends or family. But these options have some problems:

  • Bank accounts give low interest rates, especially when there is low inflation or bad economy. You might also have to pay fees or taxes on your money.
  • Bonds and stocks can change a lot and have risks. You might lose money if the issuer does not pay or the price goes down. You also need to know a lot about finance and investing to do well.
  • Lending money to your friends or family can be risky and hard. You might not get your money back on time or at all. You might also have a bad relationship with them if there are fights or misunderstandings.

How To Lend Money On Interest Online

Good Things about P2P Lending

P2P lending offers another way to Lend Money On Interest Online and make money. Here are some of the good things about P2P lending:

  • More money: P2P lending websites usually give higher interest rates than bank accounts or bonds, as they show the risk and reward of each loan. You can also lend your money to different borrowers with different credit ratings and loan terms.
  • More choice: P2P lending websites let you choose how much money you want to lend, for how long, and at what interest rate. You can also see the borrowers’ profiles and ratings before accepting a loan. You can also take your money back at any time, if there are other lenders who want your loans.
  • More impact: P2P lending websites let you help people or businesses who need money for different things, such as education, health care, home improvement, or business. You can also lend to borrowers from different countries and cultures, and learn more about them.

What are Best Ways of P2P Lending

As a P2P lender myself, I have learned some tips and tricks on how to lend money online and make money well and safely. Here are some of the best ways that I do:

  • Do your research: Before joining a P2P lending website, do some research on its name, safety, fees, rules, service, and reviews. Compare different websites and choose the one that fits your needs and likes.
  • Start small: When you start lending money online, don’t invest more than you can lose. Start with small amounts and short-term loans until you know the website and the process well. Increase your investment slowly as you get more sure and experienced.
  • Lend your money to different people: Don’t put all your money in one loan. Lend your money to different borrowers, loan types, interest rates, and durations. This way, you can lower your risk and increase your chance of getting paid back.
  • Check your loans and payments often: Keep track of your loans and payments often. Check how your borrowers are doing and if they are paying on time. If you see any problems or delays, contact the website or the borrower to fix it as soon as possible.
  • Learn from others: Join online groups and forums where other P2P lenders share their thoughts, tips, feedback, and stories. Learn from their good and bad experiences, ask questions, and share opinions.

How To Lend Money On Interest Online

P2P Lending Websites & Apps :

Here is a table with some websites and apps related to P2P lending and some information about them:

Website/AppCountryInterest RateLoan AmountLoan DurationBorrower Type
ProsperUSA7.95% – 35.99%$2,000 – $40,0003 or 5 yearsIndividuals
Lending ClubUSA10.68% – 35.89%$1,000 – $40,0003 or 5 yearsIndividuals and Businesses
PeerformUSA5.99% – 29.99%$4,000 – $25,0003 or 5 yearsIndividuals
UpstartUSA6.14% – 35.99%$1,000 – $50,0003 or 5 yearsIndividuals
LenDenClubINDIA12.5% – 36%Rs.25,000 – Rs.10 lakh3 to 36 monthsIndividuals and Businesses
LeadSquaredINDIAVariesVariesVaries Businesses
Coming soon..GlobalVariesVariesVariesIndividuals and Businesses

How To Lend Money On Interest Online In 5 Minutes

If you are ready to lend money online through P2P lending websites, so this is the steps that you will need to do :

  • Sign up: Make an account on the website of your choice. Give some personal information such as your name, email address, phone number,
  • Confirm: Confirm your identity and bank account details. You might need to upload some documents such as your ID card, passport, bank statement, or utility bill. You might also need to do a credit check or a phone check.
  • Add money: Add some money to your account on the website. You can use different ways such as bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, or cryptocurrency. The minimum amount and the fees may change depending on the website and the currency.
  • Look: Look at the available loan offers on the website. You can filter them by things such as loan amount, interest rate, duration, purpose, country, or credit rating. You can also see the borrower’s profile, rating, and feedback from other lenders.
  • Lend: Choose the loan offer that you like and agree to the terms and conditions. You can lend the full amount or a part of it. You can also ask for a lower interest rate if the loan is in an auction format. When the loan is fully funded, the website will give the money to the borrower.
  • Make money: Get monthly payments from the borrower, including interest and fees. You can lend your money again in new loans or take it back to your bank account. You can also see your money and performance on your dashboard.

The Future of P2P Lending

P2P lending is a new and good way of lending money on Interest online that gives many good things for both borrowers and lenders. But it also has some problems and risks, such as cheating, not paying back, rules, competition, and changes.

As a P2P lender, you need to know these things and be careful to protect your money and interests. You also need to keep learning and changing to the new market conditions and customer needs.

I think that P2P lending has a good future ahead, as it gives a more easy, clear, and fast way to lend and borrow money online. I also think that P2P lending will work more with other technologies and websites, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, social media, and e-commerce.

Conclusion :

Lending Money On Interest Online is one of the best ways to make more money online and help others at the same time. It is easy, convenient, and rewarding. However, it also involves some risks that need to be handled carefully. You should do your homework, invest in short-term loans, diversify your portfolio, use auto-invest features, reinvest your earnings, and be patient and realistic. If you do these things, you can lend money on Interest online and earn more money.


  1. Can a normal person give money on interest?

    Yes, a normal person can give money on interest, as long as they follow the legal and ethical rules of lending money. According to the Indian Contract Act 1872, an agreement between two people that is accepted by both parties and enforceable in court is valid. Therefore, any interest rate that is mutually agreed upon, regardless of the percentage of interest, is valid in the eye of law. However, there are some conditions that must be met, such as:
    1. The parties to the contract should not be minors (below 18 or 21 years of age unless specified by court)
    2. The conditions in the contract should not be against the law or the constitution.
    3. The money or the interest should not be obtained from illegal sources or activities.
    4. The lender should not use illegal or unfair means to collect the principal or the interest.
    5. The lender should not engage in money lending as a business without a license or registration.

  2. Can a private person lend money with interest?

    Yes, a private person can lend money with interest, as long as they follow the same rules and conditions as mentioned above. A private person can lend money to their friends, family, or acquaintances for personal or professional purposes. They can also lend money to strangers through online platforms such as peer-to-peer (P2P) lending websites or apps. P2P lending is a form of online lending where individuals or businesses can borrow and lend money directly to each other, without the involvement of traditional financial institutions. P2P lending platforms match borrowers and lenders based on their profiles, preferences, and risk levels. Lenders can earn interest on their loans, while borrowers can access funds quickly and easily.

  3. Can I lend money on interest without license?

    It depends on whether you are lending money as a hobby or as a business. If you are lending money occasionally and casually to your friends, family, or acquaintances, you do not need a license or registration. However, if you are lending money regularly and professionally to strangers or through online platforms, you may need a license or registration. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), any entity that carries on the business of providing loans is considered a non-banking financial company (NBFC). NBFCs are required to obtain a certificate of registration from the RBI and comply with various rules and regulations regarding capital adequacy, prudential norms, fair practices, consumer protection, etc. Therefore, if you want to lend money on interest as a business, you may need to register as an NBFC or partner with an existing NBFC.

  4. How can I lend money for profit in India?

    There are several ways you can lend money for profit in India, such as:

    Bank deposits: You can deposit your money in a bank account and earn interest on it. However, bank deposits offer low interest rates, especially in times of low inflation or economic downturn. You might also have to pay fees or taxes on your deposits.
    Bonds and stocks: You can buy bonds or stocks and earn interest or dividends on them. However, bonds and stocks are subject to market fluctuations and risks. You might lose money if the issuer defaults or the price drops. You also need to have some financial knowledge and skills to invest wisely.
    P2P lending: You can lend money online through P2P lending platforms and earn higher interest rates than bank deposits or bonds. However, P2P lending also involves higher risks of default or fraud. You need to do your research on the platform, the borrower, and the loan offer before accepting it. You also need to diversify your portfolio and monitor your performance regularly.


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